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Our qualified and experienced Google Chrome Tech Support team is capable of solving all issues associated with your Chrome browser. Our global support gives you the comfort of getting the problems fixed without even stepping out. It does not matter where you live, you just need to get in touch with us through our call or instant messenger service, and our experts will be at your service immediately.

Installation of Google Chrome and its Toolbar

Chrome Installation
  • Install Google Chrome for own use or all user account
  • Installing Chrome Browser may create problem
  • Installation of Add-ons or Add-ons not working
  • Your System or browser is not working with toolbar
  • “Page cannot be found” error message due to blocked JavaScript
  • Error 4, 7, 12, 13, 31, 35, 57, etc., may occur due to various problems
  • Active Scripting is turned-off on the web browser
  • Google Chrome Browser installation cannot take place successfully

Google Chrome Browser Upgradation

Chrome Upgradation
  • Google Chrome Browser does not update automatically
  • Chrome not working after being updated to new version
  • Unable to open some websites after updating Chrome
  • “Update Failed Error” while checking for updates
  • Unwanted software affect the Chrome’s update ability
  • Google Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator
  • Google Chrome Browser upgrade to latest version

Security, Safety and Reporting

Chrome Security and Safety
  • Displaying irrelevant ads on your system while browsing
  • Enabled phishing and malware protection for safe browsing
  • Disable location tracking and pop-up window
  • Prevents automatic download to protect malicious software
  • Disable plug-ins from un-trusted resources for security
  • Enabled sending of crash reports when Chrome stops unexpectedly
  • Error displays on your screen “Virus Scanned Failed”
  • Controls on images, content of websites and other information

Apps, Extension, and Plug-ins

Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • Need Assistance to install the Suitable Extension for performing Specific Task
  • Facing issues while adding or opening an app
  • Controls on background apps and pages
  • Plug-in not supporting and flash player not working
  • Troubleshooting and change plug-in settings
  • Settings changed due after installed any extension
  • Add important extensions for more features
  • “Server not found” or “Error 404”
  • Add, Remove or Manage pre-installed plug-ins with the assistance of Google Chrome Tech Support

Chrome for Mobile (Android, iOS)

Chrome for Mobile
  • Installation, sign-in errors and download a file errors
  • Chrome Browser is not synchronizing automatically
  • Protect the content and manage your device identity
  • Enable voice search option open PDF in other apps
  • Use Handoff to pass web pages or translation bar not working
  • Problems to navigate backward and forward from history
  • Problem to analyze the physical web with Chrome
  • Some plug-ins and flash is not working on iOS

Troubleshooting and Resolve Common Issues

Chrome Troubleshooting
  • Chrome crashed suddenly or some web pages are not displaying
  • Flash is out of date & PDF's not opening automatically
  • Error in connection, Resolving proxy and reduced chrome memory error
  • Restore default chrome settings & fix corrupt chrome profile
  • Removing unwanted extensions, tool bars or unknown tools
  • Run-time error, slow chrome, add-ons problem
  • Unable to remove chrome history, cookies, caches & error message
  • How to save video file, script debug error, problem to watch face book videos

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  • Showing irrelevant Ads
  • Server not found or 404 error
  • Problem in clearing Google chrome history
  • Reset the security settings
  • Flash player is not working
  • How to save video file in chrome
  • Fix slow Google Chrome
  • Script Debug Error Fix
  • Error on Runtime
  • Chrome not displaying web page
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  • Google Chrome security settings

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