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Our experienced support engineers provide database recovery and reform SQL services. We provide risk-free diagnostics in order to extract the exact reason behind data loss and swiftly modernize the corrupted database. We build up a case-definitive plan for rapid and fruitful recovery. RAID data recovery and repairing is our major area to deal with, digital devices are also treated safely by our expert engineers while preserving the security. We provide un-interrupting 24/7 services.

Primary and Secondary Database Recovery

Primary and Secondary Database Recovery

Since MDF files are Primary Data Files and it is the beginning of whole database, these files are saved with .mdf extension. All the tables, views, triggers, and stored procedure are saved in these MDF files can be restored easily if lost.

NDF files stores data files having primary data in it, a database can have any number of files or there is a possibility that there is no NDF file in database. We can also preview and recover its components.

Compatible SQL Scripts Output Generation

SQL Scripts Output Generation

The recovered SQL data is saved in a newly created directory in the form of SQL scripts. A specific script is created for each type of database such as tables are stored in Tables*.sql scripts and Data*.sql is a script that insert the data into tables. Many other scripts are Indexes*.sql, ForeignKeys*.sql, View*.sql, etc.

Recover Deleted BLOBs and SharePoint Data

Recover Deleted BLOBs and SharePoint Data

The BLOB data of SQL Server is of various types such as photos, invoice, raw data, etc. The BLOB data can be recovered having some pre-requisites and saved as disk files or directly into SQL Server database. In order to recover BLOB data, BTR_EXTERN_OFFSET, BTR_EXTERN_PAGE_NO, and BTR_EXTERN_LEN are the fields that must not be damaged.

Deal with Various Corruption Issues

Deal with Various Corruption Issues

There may be many possible reasons for SQL Database recovery such as Unreadable database, accidental re-initialization, deletion, or formatting, dropped or lost tables, RAID rebuild failure, Excessive errors during replication, damaged electronic or physical media. We will help you in any type of SQL data loss including all above situations to recover your database.

Note: If you need to recover your database from formatted hard drive then use our Hard drive Data Recovery Service

Recover Dropped Table Structure

Recover Dropped Table Structure

An unwanted dropped table may be recovered by various methods depending upon the availability of resources. In case, if you do not have backup of your database then still the dropped table can be recovered in easiest way. Each of the information containing in the table such as index, columns, and fields can be recovered easily having some variations from the original table structure.

Error Troubleshooting Provided

Troubleshooting SQL

While working with your database, number of errors occurs. If those errors cannot be resolved by you, contact us for the perfect solution. These errors are –

  • SQL Server Error: 53, SQL Server Driver Connection failed
  • SQL Error Code: 904, Unavailability of specific resource
  • SQL Error Code: 117, No. of assigned values is not similar to implied columns.
  • SQL Error Code: 227, Fetch orientation is not allowed due to unknown cursor position

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