Lotus Domino to Exchange Server Migration
We Simplify the Task of Migrating Contents from Lotus Notes & Domino Sever To Microsoft Exchange

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Domino Server to Exchange Migration Service

  • Migrate from Domino Server to Exchange Server
  • Domino Database recovery
  • Batch migration of mailboxes
  • Migration services
  • Complete control over your data
  • Pre & post maintenance

Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Service

  • Convert and migrate NSF files to live Exchange Server
  • offer migration of unlimited data from notes to Exchange
  • Decryption of encrypted notes before migration to Exchange
  • Migration of data from Notes NSF files to Exchange in bundle
  • Maintenance of internet header & email read/unread status
  • Export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc., from Notes

What we Deliver?

Domino to Exchange Server Migration Service

Resilient and well organized migration plans and procedures

We offer you with our unlimited data migration services with advanced facilities. Domino to Exchange Server Migration Service Plan includes full tech support and maintenance. We ensure you data security and integrity Domino database contents. We provide you services with advanced technology. Our experts provide you 360 degree support for migration from Domino to Exchange Server.

Migrate from Domino to Exchange

Domino to Exchange
  • Migrate personal, shared and public folders from Domino Platform.
  • Transfer Messages, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks etc. to Exchange database.
  • Provide services to Migrate Archived data files from Domino.
  • Migrate data stored in remote server/ local systems to Exchange Server.

Domino Database Recovery

Domino Database Recovery
  • Reliable and resilient data recovery services.
  • Recover corrupted or inaccessible domino database files.
  • Repair and recovers the corrupted Notes NSF to PST format.
  • Fixes all types of error in the NSF files.

Batch Migration of Mailboxes

Batch Migration of Mailboxes
  • Services include multiple domino Mailbox migration
  • Batch processing of mailboxes is provided
  • Migration of data from multiple Domino servers are also provided
  • Unlimited database size supported by our service

Advanced Migration Services

Migration Services
  • Data Integrity & fidelity of original file is maintained
  • Services include Folder mapping, address translation, duplicating, filtering, etc.
  • Source data integrity is not compromised at all
  • Domino folder structure is maintained in target format
  • Email attachments, images, files, etc. are migrated exchange Server

Complete Control over Your Data

Domino Data Control
  • Provides user a report that contains detailed information about migration process.
  • We offer you an Active monitoring facility over the migration process
  • We assure you full protection and security of your data.

Pre & Post Maintenance
Domino Pre-Post Maintenance
  • We provide maintenance services at Organization/Enterprise levels.
  • Our services include Pre and Post migration support.
  • We provide Maintenance in connectivity issues, configuration errors, etc.
  • Troubleshooting is also supported according to the service pack.
Lotus Notes Emails to Exchange Migration

Simplified and refined migration of Lotus Notes to Exchange Server Mailboxes
Promising no loss of Notes data including hyperlinks and in-line images

Our SupportWare team of experts will virtually execute migration process on your system while promising to authorize accessibility of your system. We ensure cost-effective, correct and efficient migration. Thus, we assure to render guaranteed migration services successfully.

Complete Lotus Notes Migration
Lotus Notes Migration
  • The service ensures migration of NSF files to MS Exchange mailbox including all files of Lotus Notes such as email, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals etc.
  • While migration of NSF files, you will also be provided the facility to avail export of chosen item by specifying the requirement.
Permit Hyperlinks & Message Heading
Permit Hyperlinks and Message Heading
  • The migration process will allow you to preserve your hyperlinks included in any of the Lotus Notes file; also, the attachments associated with any email can be migrated successfully.
  • The Notes Domino data migration service renders you to keep your document formatting same as in NSF files while migrating from Lotus Notes Emails to Exchange Server.
Selective Folder Option Provided
Selective Folder Option
  • In many cases, there exist many folders that you do not need to export to Exchange so you can exclude them by simply providing the name of those folders.
  • Folders in this case can include all the available folders in your Lotus Notes Wizard such as Deleted Items, Sent Item, Inbox, Outbox and Custom Folder.

Export Filtered Data Only

Lotus Notes Export Filtered Data
  • This service will also give you the option to get your data migrated with filters applied that will export only a limited amount of data specified/required.
  • You can define the requirements required for filtering the data migrated from Lotus Notes Emails to Exchange as our service includes filter by date and time interval.

Get Encrypted Data Extracted

Lotus Notes Encrypted Data Extracted
  • With the help of this migration service, migration of even encrypted data is rendered. Post migration the encryption protection will be removed from the data.
  • The removal of encryption before migration is automatically applied by executives as the type of migration applied on Lotus Notes Emails.

Preserve Read/Unread Status

Lotus Notes Read Or Unread Status
  • This service maintains the status of emails; if the mail is unread in Lotus Notes Emails then it will be exported to Exchange remaining unread.
  • All the mails associated with their respective folders will remain same after migrated to Exchange Server i.e., the layout of Exchange is same as Domino.

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  • Free consultation regarding migration services
  • Recovery and migration services
  • Fixes any type of Domino server errors
  • We have resilient and planned migration experts
  • Free maintenance services
  • Provides advanced migration services
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