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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy document elaborates the usage and disclosure of personal information collected by SupportWare® in relation to the technical support services provided to users in agreement with the Terms of Use. Users submitting information related to them via our website, chat session, emails, avail any of the featured service or connect with a technician, give consent to our usage of their information in accordance with the norms of this privacy policy.

How SupportWare Collects Information

We extend user support service to consumers with the help of web and desktop applications to communicate with users and offer our services. These applications are probable to include tools that extend remote access and diagnosis control over the user's computer (with prior consent). We may ask for certain permissions and a set of information related to you as part of rendering our services.

Some of the information collected by SupportWare may be provided directly by the user while requesting for support service by form or phone. We might collect or gain access to other technical details via our diagnostic utilities while our computer works with that of the users' for the provision of demanded Services.

Information Collected by SupportWare

Information Provided By You

Personal Information

SupportWare technicians will notify when there is a need to collect information that personally distinguishes you (personal details) or permits contacting you. The most basic requirement to avail any of the extended Services, you are required to register yourself with SupportWare or provide your personal identification particulars. We ask for contact details (Name, Email ID, Personal identifier, and more such) when registering you at our website. SupportWare strictly uses the user information with regard to contacting them or providing requested service(s). Re-registration notification, special offer, renewal notification, and online surveys on advancing our services are a part of it.

Payment Details

Your registration at SupportWare permits us to collect payment details like that of credit card and other such information. We use external yet secure payment gateways for processing your transactions with us. Our usage of your payment details is strictly limited to completing your transaction(s).

Computer Information of Subscriber

As a user, you may be asked for your computer related information by SupportWare technicians as part of providing demanded Service(s). The following type of information may be asked for:

  • Type of machine used
  • Purchase date related information of the computer
  • Identification number of the machine
  • Build and model of the computer or associated hardware
  • Installed software or peripherals
  • Current condition of the machine
  • System files and registry data of installed software/hardware along with error tracking files

This kind of information is generally asked for providing personalized support services. Otherwise, we demand for this information to keep our support provision updated for an enhanced user experience.

Remote Access

Consumers can ask for resolving their issues remotely by providing control and access of their computer to SupportWare technicians. We use applications that enable technicians take control of a user machine (with their consent) remotely via internet connection. The connection helps diagnose issues of the user machine and rectify them instantly without the technician having to be physically present at the location. SupportWare ensures that no Remote Access is made to any user's machine in their absence and without their consent. The users are thereby requested to remain seated near their computer while it is under control / diagnosis of technicians.

Technicians at SupportWare are highly trained at handling and operating remote access application and ensure to limit access of confidential information on the user machine during the diagnosis. Moreover, strict actions are taken by support executives to avoid any sort of deliberate data destruction on the user computer or network. Based on our certain internal policy and technical controls we limit the disclosure of how our remote access applications may be used for your assistance.

Diagnostic Application

We use a certain number of diagnostic utilities for collecting vital information regarding the condition of user machine and configured applications. This information is further communicated to the executives over the internet using secure techniques. Technicians at SupportWare then examine collected details for diagnosing the root cause of the issue for its rectification. The diagnosis applications are stringently against collecting any sort of sensitive user information during system diagnosis including the emails exchanges, email IDs, websites browsed/visited, saved passwords, user profiles, and more.

Remote access and analysis utility usage may be subject to the usage terms & conditions of the license agreement of the particular application.

Live Session Record

SupportWare reserves complete rights of monitoring and recording any on/offline sessions being conducted between the technicians and users for quality control and other service related purposes. Other uses of this information involve enhancing quality of service, increasing support knowhow, and carrying out internal research on the current market. We abstain from correlating session recording with user's personal information.

Security of Information

A variety of techniques and technologies are implemented by SupportWare for securing its user information and transactions. These include administrative as well as managerial security for protection of the information from unauthorized access or disclosure.


SupportWare conducts online surveys from time to time. Users may be requested to share information for the same. Survey participation is voluntary and the users are free to make their choice. Personal identification and demographic details of the user may be requested during participation. Surveys are held with the purpose of keeping tab on the scope of improvements in the usage and satisfactory level of users from the featured Services.


SupportWare may come up contests, promotions or sweepstakes. These events are controlled by the standard rules applicable. User details collected during these events are used strictly for the predefined purposes only.

Change in Policy

A change in this Privacy Policy of SupportWare Services must be expected at any given time. Please keep a regular check on our website to remain up to date with such updates regarding the latest policies related to user privacy.

In case of any queries regarding our policy, please email us your inquiries at