Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Services
Migrating Your Data from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365

Migration Services Plan

Stepwise guidance for migrating from Google Apps to office 365
We ensure you data Migration and supported services with Rapid throughput and data integrity

We provide you data migration services and supported consultation to migrate from Google apps to Microsoft Office 365. We render our services in migrating mailboxes, calendars, tacks, events, etc. from Google apps to Office 365. We provide our services in destination preparation support, data migration, maintenance, troubleshooting etc.

Pre Migration & Consultation

Google Apps to Office 365 Pre Migration And Consultation

We provide pre migration services for efficient data migration from Google apps to Office 365. Our Service is based on Organization/Enterprise levels. Also there is provision of Maintenance in connectivity issues, configuration errors, etc. i.e. user can consult us at any time. Our services include automating the migration process without throttling the limitations of migration process.

Licensing plans

Google Apps to Office 365 Licence

Our experts from the tech support services provide clarifications regarding licensing of Office 365 and the plans offered by Microsoft.

  • Licensing plans :The licensing plans vary from personal licenses to various enterprise level packages with variable features.
  • Features offered :All queries regarding the service packages and the features included can be clarified from our experts.

Destination Preparation Support

Google Apps to Office 365 Destination Preparation Support
  • Account setup and licensing : We provide service in setting up the account and its licensing. Our experts guide to create and maintain a secure account in office 365.
  • Administrative account : Our experts guide you in maintain a global admin account. This helps users to migrate data from Google Apps account to Office 365 with all rights.

Data Migration Services

Google Apps to Office 365 Data Migration
  • Verify Domain : We provide services in setting up your own domain and DNS settings with proper instructions regarding popular DNS hosting providers. You can utilize the option of adding multiple users to office 365 at a time with us.
  • Migrate Mailboxes & Other Contents : We provide services in safely migrating mailboxes, calendars, tasks, contents, etc. from Google Apps to Office 365 platform. This helps users to route Gmail account to Office.

Post Migration Support

Google Apps to Office 365 Post Migration Support

In order to make Google Apps to office 365 migration effective we provide post maintenance services too. The services offer you to better working environment in office 365. Our services are based on Organization/Enterprise levels. With migration service Maintenance in connectivity and configuration issues is also assured.

Maintenances & Troubleshooting Services

Google Apps to Office 365 Maintenances and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and maintenance services are also provided by our tech support. We offer services in fixing various errors while migrating to Office 365. Some of the common error can be related to

  • Remigration mailbox, calendars, etc.
  • Issues regarding account setting and administrative control.
  • Related to configuration settings of Office.

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How we will Help you in Google Apps to Office 365 Migration


  • Migrate your emails, calendars, contacts, etc. to Office 365.
  • Full data security and protection under our guidance.
  • Pre migration support and consultation services.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance services.
  • Helps in fixing all kinds of errors while migrating to Office
  • Assists in setting up and configuring accounts

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